Recording a Steinway D 9 foot grand piano is no easy task. It takes a total of 15 microphones to capture its magnificence in the latest 9.1.2 cinema sound format. This could only be achieved using a highly experienced International audio team and in-depth understanding of advanced recording, mixing and mastering techniques. To have this done for India, in memory of my Mum, is the greatest honour I could ever have.
— Shayan Italia
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Tim Young is considered one of the great mastering engineers in all of Europe and has mastered some of the best selling albums of all time. He has gained a Grammy award winning reputation for quality and inventiveness and his detail to sound. His mastering skills add magic to a piece of music and make it commercially stand out on a world-class stage. It was imperative that Shayan brought Tim on to this project as he's worked with him before. After delivering multi-platinum albums for The Clash, Sade, The Smiths, Elton John, The Pretenders and many others, Tim joined Metropolis Mastering with Ian Cooper and Tony Cousins in 1993. Prior to Metropolis, Tim had already had seventeen successful years at CBS Studios, which eventually became The Hit Factory. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity enabled the three engineers to finally fulfil their dream and setup a state-of-the-art mastering environment. Thus Metropolis mastering was setup. In 2008, Tim became the first non-US mastering engineer to win a Grammy Award for his 5.1 Surround Sound mastering on The Beatles’ ‘Love’ album. In 2011, Tim also won the Music Producers Guild 'Mastering Engineer of the Year' award. Now with over twenty years of experience in mastering at Metropolis, Tim is in constant demand from all levels of recording artists. His reputation as a classic ‘all rounder’ who enjoys working on all styles of music, means he is adept at bringing his creativity to any genre.

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It was Shantanu that introduced Shayan to Anthony Gomes and it's safe to say that without him the #IWouldStandForThis initiative would not have happened. Shantanu Hudlikar, Chief Sound Engineer, Yash Raj Studios, says, "There is a philosophy behind creating sound, it's not just technical. If you see music technically you will never interpret the vision of the musician." Known as one of the few sound engineers in India who understands technology and hardware as much as the creative aspect of sound engineering, Shantanu brings 25 years of sound engineering experience on the #IWouldStandForThis version of the Indian National Anthem. It's always been Shantanu's opinion that "mixing and recording music is not just a technical process, it should be second nature to sound engineers and creativity should be on the forefront". Shantanu started his professional career as an engineer in 1990 at The Music Room, Bombay. Starting off as a general gopher he went on to head the studio as chief engineer in 1991. In this capacity he engineered numerous radio and television commercials, documentaries, independent artistes, and a couple of feature films. Shantanu's studio career speaks for itself with the likes of Herbie HancockChaka KhanRupert Hine, Gustavo Santaolala, IlayarajaJohn Leckie, Deep ForestShakti (featuring John McLaughlin, Ustad Zakir Hussein) and many more. Shantanu has also worked with some of the finest names in advertising and film across India such as Highlight Films, Whitelight, Genesis, Yashraj Films, Dharma Productions, Excel Entertainment, Aamir Khan Productions and Vinod Chopra Productions to name a few. His sheer passion, enthusiasm and high calibre craftsmanship has won respect from all quarters for his single-minded pursuit of sonic excellence with an onus on acoustic recording using complex multiple microphone techniques. Shantanu has been chief engineer at Yash Raj Films Studios since 2005.

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Ronan Phelan is an acclaimed London based producer, recording and mixing engineer. Originally from Ireland, Ronan moved to the UK to work at Sphere Studios for several years as the house engineer before joining Angel Studios. Over the last decade, Ronan has honed and developed his skills, under the tutelage of Grammy award winning engineers and producers. Ronan's experience in the industry enables him to be incredibly versatile and adept at recording and mixing across a vast array of musical genres and production styles. Previous clients include Queen, James Bond: Skyfall, Downton Abbey, Paddington 2, Dame Shirley Bassey, Adele, U2, Hans Zimmer, Thomas Newman amongst many others. He is a recording expert in all things Steinway D and cinema sound related.

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Sashko Temelkoski

Sashko Temelkoski is a bass clarinetist of the Macedonian National Philharmonic who is acclaimed for his orchestral recordings for film, television, videos games, classical music and pop the world over. He is a prominent member of several chamber ensembles performing classical and contemporary music. His passion is working as a music arranger and transcriber for Sibelius having customers from all over the world. Having decades of experience in music theory, Sahshko has accurately and meticulously transcribed Shayan's arrangement and performance of the Indian National Anthem into sheet music for all to play.

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Shayan Italia got into music and started writing songs at a very young age post losing his Mum. He has over 15 years recording and production experience across the best studios in the world working alongside some of the most revered musicians, engineers and producers on the planet. Shayan never downloads anything for free and always pays for his music. He is a strong believer of copyright law and the royalty payments system. From working with award-winning musicians like Ralpha SalminsIan Laws and Guthrie Govan to multi-Grammy, Emmy, Oscar and Brit award winning mix and mastering engineers like Mike Ross-Trevor, Simon Hanhart, Simon Gibson, Tim Young, Bob Ludwig to recording with orchestras like the London Philharmonic Orchestra, the London Telefilmonic Orchesta, The New York Philharmonic Orchestra and many more, Shayan's experience and attention to sonic detail is unparalleled. Shayan's passion stems from being at the very forefront of technology. A complete gadget geek, his IMAX theatre at his house is hands down the best we've ever experienced housing a full 4K Ultra HD state-of-the-art 12 channel setup. Hence his instance on the Indian National Anthem being recorded in 8K Ultra HD video quality and in the latest 9.1.2 cinema sound format.