It is important to say that every single piece of PRESS and media coverage with regards to #iwouldstandforthis has not been paid for. I say it again, and with pride. There are a number of individuals who have come on board, on their own accord, to propel the cause of a single boy trying to honour his mum in the most respectable of ways. it is a testament that good journalism still exists in india in spades.
— Shayan Italia

Hundreds of articles covered in over 8 languages, the Indian National Anthem #IWouldStandForThis version has received unprecedented public and media support to becoming the world’s most viewed national anthem on YouTube ever, surpassing the previous record held by the French National Anthem of 36 million views. The video currently stands at a grand total of 100 million views. Below is an example of the "buzz" received through various credible publications the world over. #IWouldStandForThis honours the Indian National Anthem, performed by Shayan Italia in 8K Ultra HD on the Steinway Model D Concert Grand Piano, to pay homage to his mother. #IWouldStandForThis brings together multinational cross-cultural music and video production talent from all over the world to inspire patriotism amongst the youth of India in its digital age.