Everything was planned down to a T. From the storyboard, to the pre-preparation, the professionalism our team brought to the stage was simply world class. It was a highly hectic shoot comprising more than 35 shots in 12 hours but we managed to pull it off and have a laugh at the same time. Shayan’s energy and positivity towards the project made everyone come together as a family, one single unit for a single purpose of presenting the best possible video of the Indian National Anthem.
— Farhad Vijay Arora, Director

Indian National Anthem #iwouldstandforthis Production Team:

Since 8K Ultra HD processing technology doesn’t exist in India as of yet, various studios from across the world (including USA, Russia, UK, Australia, Singapore and the UAE) came together in unison to make the processing of this video happen.

Music arranged and performed on Steinway D-274 concert grand piano by: Shayan Italia

Director: Farhad Vijay Arora

Produced by: Shayan Italia & Farhad Vijay Arora

Recorded at Steinway Studios by: Ronan Phelan

Recorded in: 9.1.2 Cinema Sound Format

Mixed by: Shantanu Hudlikar

Mixed on: AMS Neve 88RS

Mastered by: Tim Young, Senior Mastering Engineer

Mastered at: Metropolis Mastering, London, U.K.

Performed on: Steinway D-274 Concert Grand Piano

Piano Courtesy of: Steinway India and Furtados Music

Shot on: Red Helium Weapon 8K

Processed in: Full 8192 x 4320 8K Ultra HD Resolution

Shot at: Pro Shots Studio, Mumbai

Makeup: Arshis Javeri

Styling: Shanaya Boyce

Photography: Jeetu & Kinnari

Wardrobe & Shoes: Calvin Klein, Kenneth Cole, Apple Inc.

Co-Director: Sandeep Singh Khichi

Associate Director: Dilber Vijay Arora

Creative Director: Aapar Gupta and Imran Malgunkar

Assistant Director: Pankaj Kansara

Technical Director: Shyam Garg

Technical Advisor: Ramesh Meer

Continuity Assistant: Pankaj Kansara

Clap: Pankaj Kansara

Co-Producer: Amarjeet Dahiya

Associate Producer: Shyam Garg

Creative Producer: Rajan Vanmali

Executive Producer: Sahil Gulia

Production Head: Jagdish Ingle

Production Controller: Chandrabhan Dubey

Production Coordinator: Samsher Prajapati

Post Production Head: Shyam Garg

Production Designer: Shayan Italia

Production Assistants: Shekhar, Krishna, Raja

Backup Supervisor: Deepak Arora

Backup Operator: Jatin Walli

Storage Security: Amit Ruia

Edited by: Shyam Garg & Atul Malhotra

Assistant Editor: Farhad Vijay Arora and Kalinath Roy

Edited by: Anurag Uke & Shyam Garg

Storyboard: Kalinath Roy

Script: Farhad Vijay Arora and Atul Malhotra

Grammar Consultant: Dilnaaz Bharucha

Director of Photography: Mohammed Shahnawaz Ansari

Assistant Director of Photography: Imran Ali Shah

Focus Puller: Jeetu

Camera Operator: Anant Naskar

Gaffer: Muzammil Shaikh

Jimmy Jib Operator: Biswanath Patnaik

Jimmy Jib Boom and Raam Technicians: Vinod, Sumit, Gora

Panther Dolly Grips: Anil

Art Director: Muzammil Shaikh

Choreographers: Imran Malgunkar, Aamir Shaikh

Ast Choreographer: Farhad Vijay Arora

Body Language Consultant: Imran Malgunkar

Caterer: Shaurya, Salt and Pepper, Shiv Sagar

Lights Supplier: Abdul Munaf Sheikh

Lights Men: Javed, Ajju, Raju, Sandeep, Shyam, Pandey, Waseem, Shakil, Rajesh

Electrician: Azim

Generator Supplier: Salim

Generator Helper: Asif Sheikh

Spot Boys: Anuj, Irfan Ali, Sandeep Tomar

Directors Crew: Driver Samsher, PA Kiran, Boy Rohit,

Empire Studios, Aadesh, FX Factory, Studio 7, Artscape, Skywork Studios

Studio Staff Sudheer Mondal, Raaj, Ram Pandit

VFX Director: Shyam Garg

VFX Supervisor: Farhad Vijay Arora

VFX Compositors: Uday Jaokar, Kali

CGI Supervisor: Farhad Vijay Arora

CGI Artists: Rohit Singh, Kali

VFX Artists: Saturesh

Processed on Avid, Adobe Premier CC Pro, After Effects, Davinci Resolve, Flame, and Inferno. 

Software supplier: Arshad

Hard Drive Supplier: Mahesh

Colour Grading & D.I: Raju Dubey, Shyam Garg,

Render Setup Operator: Pavel Achikiyan, Dilraj Singh Matharoo

Transporters: Drivers Mohammed Nisar

Bankers: ICICI Bank

Legal: Jamshed Mistry and Roshni Lacchwani

Legal Advisors: Aditya Raut, Adil Ladha, Moin Ladha


Anthony Gomes

Avitesh Shrivastava

Ramesh Meer

Sidharth Meer

Palak Mehta

Puneet Mehta

Anand Shandilya

Kumar Manjul

Vijay Chhabra

Bharathi Arunachalam

Geetika Bhatti

Sudhanshu Kumar

Amit Singh

Duleep Regmi

Vinay Naik

Amandeep Singh Khichi

Nainaz Bhikhaji Shroff

Purazar Fouzdar

Ashokvardhan Purohit