When the opportunity arose to record in 8K Ultra HD we all jumped to it. It was never before done in India and I’m proud to say this is India’s first true 8K video shoot and the world’s first true 8K music video shoot, and that too of our beloved Indian National Anthem. What I loved most about the concept was the intimacy of it all. No politics, no agenda. Just a simple story of a boy wanting to honour his mum through something personal she left him with; something everyone the world over can relate to. It’s heartfelt and soulful.
— Farhad Vijay Arora, Director
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Born to film star Vijay Arora and ex Miss India Dilber Arora, Farhad grew up keenly observing Bollywood from within its nucleus living in the heart of Juhu, Mumbai. Finishing his Schooling from Maneckji Cooper and graduating from Narsee Monjee College of Commerce and Economics, followed by his post graduation in Marketing, Industrial Psychology, Human Resources, Sales, Law and International Trade, Farhad finished with a doctorate from Mumbai University. He finished his speech and drama course from Trinity College London, where he also did a course in playing the piano. Later he aced at acting, film making and direction under acting guru Kishore Namit Kapoor's 'Acting Lab' having modelled for products like Sil Jam, Johnson & Johnson's Band Aids, and even a Mini Chiclets TV commercial to name a few. Being one of India's first importers of exotic cars brands like Ferrari, Maserati and Aston Martin, he always wished he could be in the showbiz. Directing and producing several award-winning documentaries, TV series, advertisements and music videos, he then got associated with film makers and corporates. Heading the creative wings of Internationally public listed corporates like MediaOne Global Ltd he associated himself with cutting edge cinematic technology alongside Indian cinema's top professionals. Today Farhad has financed, produced and distributed several blockbuster films in various International territories. His company Global Film Syndication is associated with syndications of over 5,000 titles in 11 Indian languages and in 150 countries. Farhad also engages in numerous philanthropic activities for the N.A.B. and the Ali Yavar Jung National Society for Clean Cities, and promotes performances for underprivileged children.

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Jeetu Kapadia & Kinnari Sanghavi make up the duo Jeetu & Kinnari. Jeetu an alumni of Birmingham University UK & Kinnari an alumni of Sir J. J. School of Arts, Mumbai India, came together somewhere by the end of 2003 to work together as 'artists of light'. For over a decade now the duo have been creating images which carry their signature style featuring new age themes, dramatic locations and lots of colors.  Jeetu & Kinnari, originally working out of their studio in Mumbai, have recently made New York their second home and are in the process of making their way inroads in the highly competitive New York City art scene with their work. Jeetu & Kinnary's work mostly revolves around fashion and lifestyle, seamlessly creating still, as well as moving images. Their images have featured in several advertising campaigns, national as well as International magazines. Jeetu & Kinnari participate in many global photography events of repute and have recently won 2 honorary mentions at the prestigious Lucie Awards held in New York City and 4 more at the Prix De La Photographie, Paris for their work. The duo have also won a plethora of prestigious awards in their home country, India.

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Arshis Javeri is an internationally certified artist by Make Up Forever Academy. A one man glamour machine; bringing domestic & global beauty trends to his clientele from various genres and requirements, his subtle contouring and sumptuous palette accentuates your inherent features. Apart from make-up he also specializes in hair styling and empowers real women and men to learn and groom themselves in a variety of looks for different occasions. As a certified trainer he has imparted his knowledge and expertise with establishments, professionals and individuals who seek certification in make- up and grooming courses. His contribution to beauty and styling articles in various news journals and editorials have become the next-gen trend setting benchmark. While make-up, hair and styling are the mediums, what excites him most is creating value with people.

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Shanaya Boyce is the stylist of tomorrow's 'youth India'. Embracing the latest in youth fashion trends, at 21, she stands at 5'11" with average sized heels, and holds her opinion strongly on what works and what doesn't. We've come to realise, what she says pretty much goes. A straight-A student, highly well-travelled and educated, she holds a IB diploma with honors from Hill Spring International and a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Jai Hind College, one of the finest in Mumbai, India. Having interacted with various NGOs, including St. Jude's Cancer Research Centre, she says "an organization which deals with giving relief to female victims of rape and other forms of physical and sexual abuse, is an issue I feel strongly about." Keenly interested in Family Relationship & Marital counselling, she has studied Biology higher level, through the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme which now she would like to pair with sexology. From the arts she has completed the Trinity College London Speech and Drama exam up to Grade 8 and is now giving her ATCL Diploma in October 2017. With theatre, she frequently performs at the NCPA, one of Mumbai's most prestigious performance and arts venues, having worked with Raell Padamsee, Divya Palat, Silly Point Productions and more. Having modelled for brands like L'Oreal, Lakme, Marvie Ann Beck, Eye Candy and featured in Elle and Grazia magazines, her inner passion for styling was born. #IWouldStandForThis is her first big commercial project. She has been approached by many others since to style for them. The future looks bright for Boyce.

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Shayan Italia's attention to detail is borderline obsessive. His love for film is equally obsessive! He practically watches a movie a day and lives for going to the cinema. Thus it's only apparent and logical that the #IWouldStandForThis version of the Indian National Anthem had to be different, unique, pristine in quality yet intimate; as that's pretty much the setting Shayan prefers, than something that appears very grand but possesses very little substance. It was also Shayan's condition that the National Flag of India be shown only in key places in the entire video. This gives the flag a more powerful meaning than showing it in every single frame, like some of the other versions out there do, making us feel like it is some Govt plug to FORCE patriotism within us than inspire it from within. It is both Farhad and Shayan's vision of the project that has brought it to the level that it is, right from shooting it on Red Helium 8K to recording the audio in the latest  9.1.2 cinema sound format to the colour grading, editing and overall presentation. This is, after all, in memory and honour of Shayan's Mum who we hear was a wonderful lively soul. And what could be better than honouring both Mothers, your own and your country, in the way that he has done. #respect.